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Unknown: Welcome back, Gawayn! Are you ready to start up a new W&W in the new Dragon Court, once it's available? Apr 14, 2020 22:57:51 GMT -5
Gawayn: Thanks Unknown! Would love to get the gang together once there's a new Dragon Court. Hope you and yours are keeping well. Has there been any recent word on the new version? I know it's been worked on for a while. Jun 21, 2020 18:52:24 GMT -5
Running Eagle: Long Bump. Who's still alive these days, long after the days of DC? Sept 2, 2020 0:01:36 GMT -5
Stalat: Hello old warriors! Oct 20, 2020 18:04:19 GMT -5
deesloop: 2020 drawing to a close y'all! Dec 24, 2020 11:52:25 GMT -5
V: hello my old friends long time how is everyone ? Jan 14, 2021 12:51:09 GMT -5
Gawayn: Here's to a new year and new adventures ahead! Feb 18, 2021 21:08:36 GMT -5
V: hello all Jun 10, 2021 15:31:11 GMT -5
Gawayn: Here's to a good summer ahead for all of us. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Jun 24, 2021 23:15:32 GMT -5
V: hello any one around Oct 14, 2021 17:22:45 GMT -5
V: hello all hope every year has been a good one Dec 30, 2021 9:04:06 GMT -5
Running Eagle: I've been hearing things stirring about Dragon Court. The team of Dragon Court Mobile just asked about some info about the former game last night. Referred them to us. We had collected extensive data on the game. Jun 22, 2022 18:17:11 GMT -5
V: hello Dec 3, 2022 13:22:54 GMT -5
Unknown: Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Just doing my once-every-few-years check-in. Time flies! Running Eagle, I'm glad to hear some progress is being made on the new DC. Our Oracle is quite Omniscient, isn't it? Hope everyone is doing well these days. Feb 4, 2023 6:54:34 GMT -5
Unknown: By the way, Gawayn, I was looking back at my last post on The Shadow Army and the New Order. I'm sorry for killing you off without your permission, although it felt like the proper ending to the story, considering how things have turned out. Feb 4, 2023 7:29:44 GMT -5
Unknown: I guess teeechnically, I didn't say you were dead, so you could work yourself back into the story, if you wanted, haha Feb 4, 2023 7:31:06 GMT -5
Running Eagle: Well we lost a lot of history when part of ROs site links busted, but the one doing DC mobile managed to capture the weapons table. There's still some history left here, as much of us have done moved on to bigger things these days. Feb 5, 2023 17:39:31 GMT -5
Unknown: What links were broken? I was just clicking around the site, and couldn't find any broken ones. Feb 13, 2023 9:38:31 GMT -5
Varn: hello to all Feb 16, 2023 14:45:04 GMT -5
V: anyone around still ?????? Jul 14, 2023 8:30:08 GMT -5
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